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Over 30,000 students graduated from Penn Foster in 2015, and are starting new careers, advancing in their current career field, pursuing postsecondary education, or mastering skills and hobbies. Based on recent survey data, 94% of Penn Foster graduates were satisfied with their program, 86% felt very or well-prepared for their job, and 92% would recommend their program to a friend.¹ Though each of our graduates has a unique story to tell, we’re proud to say they’ve all taken the next step towards their dreams.

Graduate In-Person with Your Classmates!

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Each year, Penn Foster hosts a graduation ceremony at our headquarters in Scranton, PA. Graduates and their families travel from all over the country to have the chance to walk across the stage and receive their diploma in person. Whether you’ll graduate from high school, career school, or college, you will have the opportunity to join your Penn Foster classmates for this memorable day! If you are unable to attend the graduation meetup, your diploma will be mailed to you.

Meet the 2015 Graduate of the Year

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Meet Erin Snyder Dixon, the 2015 Graduate of the Year, and her family from Newport News, Virginia. As manager of a commercial landscaping business, Erin has graduated from several Penn Foster programs over the years, most recently earning a career certificate from the Small Engine Repair Program. Erin is also an accomplished backyard homesteader, freelance writer and published author, award-winning nail technician, and knowledgeable mechanic." Working 45+ hour weeks and going to school never felt like a chore, it was an amazing feeling. There are so many opportunities for women in the landscaping industry. I just hope this shows that there is a place for women in skilled trades, such as mechanics." Fun fact: Erin's grandfather was a graduate of the school in 1932 and 1938!

Meet Our Previous Graduates of the Year

Each year, hundreds of passionate Penn Foster students apply for the title of Graduate of the Year. Meet our past winners from 2014 and 2013.

Penn Foster College Student Stories: Ashley Arrabal - 2014

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Check out our other awesome graduates on our Pinterest board! If you would like to be a featured Penn Foster grad, please leave a picture (your degree/diploma or even better, you holding it) and comment on our Facebook page or tag #pennfoster in an instagram photo.

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¹ DEAC (2015). [Results from Alumni Survey, 6 months post-graduation]. Unpublished raw data.

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