list penn foster on resume

The education field is a key part of every resume - especially for those without much job experience in their field. We often get asked by Penn Foster High School, Career School, and College students exactly how Penn Foster should be listed on resumes. Although the format is generally the same for all schools, we’ve created this guide to help you properly list Penn Foster in your resume’s academic experience section. Find your school below to see exactly how to list Penn Foster on your resume:

List Penn Foster College on your resume the same way you would a traditional college. However, just as you would list the location of a traditional college, take note that Penn Foster College is to be listed in Scottsdale, Arizona. Also note that all Penn Foster College Associate degree programs are to be listed as “Associate of Science”, while Bachelor’s degree programs should be listed as “Bachelor of Science.”

Here’s are two examples of how to list Penn Foster College under your academic experience:

Penn Foster College - Scottsdale, Arizona
Bachelor of Science in Business Management, May 2016
GPA: 3.7

Penn Foster College - Scottsdale, Arizona
Associate of Science in Human Resources Management, May 2016
GPA: 3.7

You may notice that we have included a section for GPA on this listing. If your final average for your Penn Foster College program is over 3.5, we recommend including it in your resume to show potential employers that you excelled academically in your field of study!

High School
It isn’t always necessary to list your high school diploma on your resume - especially if you have already listed a college degree. However, if high school is your highest level of education, or your high school experience is specifically asked for by your potential employer, here’s how you would list it on a resume:

Penn Foster High School - Scranton, Pennsylvania
High School Diploma, May 2016

If you have graduated from a Penn Foster High School Concentration program, simply add that concentration next to “High School Diploma” as shown below:

Penn Foster High School - Scranton, Pennsylvania
High School Diploma with Healthcare Concentration, May 2016

Also, please note that for Penn Foster High School and Penn Foster Career School, the locations should be listed as Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Career School
Listing Penn Foster Career School on a resume is not much different from Penn Foster High School and College. However, if you attended Penn Foster Career School to earn a career diploma or career certificate as a supplement to your college degree, you might want to put this item in the “certifications/special skills” field - otherwise, simply list it under “education” like you would any other item. Here’s how your Penn Foster Career School should appear on a resume:

Penn Foster Career School - Scranton, Pennsylvania
Certified Personal Trainer Career Diploma, May 2016

While Penn Foster isn’t a traditional school, listing it on our resume is fairly traditional! To help make crafting your resume even easier, check out Penn Foster’s Career Services, where you can use Career Cruising’s resume builder and other tools on your journey to career-readiness.