Graduate of the Year Finalist

This year, we’ve had an inspiring group of graduates submit their stories to become the 2018 Graduate of the Year. Each finalist had an impressive application and used their knowledge, education, and passion to help their communities and reach their goals. Delania Brown, 2018 Student Ambassador and Graduate of the Year Finalist from Louisiana, stood out from the pack with her vivacious demeanor, love of life, and her work. Here’s Delania’s story:

“I’m a 35 year old wife with two kids. I’ve graduated from four programs with Penn Foster: Small Business Management, Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeping, and Hotel and Restaurant Management. Each one helped me with my job and the catering business that I run.

First, my job: I work with a senator from Louisiana. I’ve been working for him for a year, and I’ve worked for the House of Representatives for six years. I use what I’ve learned from the Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeping courses in my work and I’m able to do my job better because of that. I learned so much in both of them. As part of my position with the senator, I help with his campaign. We take to the streets to impress upon people how important it is to vote and we help people register to vote. Further, I bring those who can’t drive to vote at their polling places.

For my own business, the Small Business Management, Bookkeeping, and Hotel and Restaurant Management have helped me so much. I’m a small business owner and I work from home running a catering company.

Outside of work and my business, I have committed myself to volunteer work in the community. I’m the president of First Class Social Club; we help youth and the elderly in the area, as well as feeding the homeless in New Orleans. We did a drive where we were able to give 200 people in need window fans for the summer to prevent the heat stroke that can be an issue in the south. We also do back-to-school drives for school supplies.

I love school and I love what I do!”

We love students and graduates like Delania who are endlessly enthusiastic in chasing and reaching their goals. Besides being an impressive member of her community, Delania has an attitude that makes an impact on those she works with, like her Penn Foster Success Coach, Nikki.

Nikki can’t say enough about Delania’s spirit. “She’s determined,” Nikki told us, “and very active. Appreciates everything in her life and the people around her. She is making life work for her, personally and professionally! She’s definitely someone to look up to!”

We couldn’t agree more and want to give Delania a huge shout out on her accomplishments. We know that, with every step she takes and every move she makes, Delania Brown will make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Congratulations, Delania!