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How to Use the Penn Foster Job Board

Penn Foster students have access to a wide variety of Career Services to help support their career goals. Learn about one of the most exciting career resources we offer - the Penn Foster Job Board - in this Student Life Blog post!

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If you’re exploring Penn Foster’s Career Services for the first time, you’ll notice an expansive selection of tools and resources to help you with your career prep. But did you know that Penn Foster also has a directory of job listings exclusive to members of the Penn Foster Student Community? The Penn Foster Job Board is the place to be to find the latest job openings, and navigating it is a breeze. If you have not yet accessed our Job board, check out the step-by-step guide below to help you get started!

  1. Head to the Penn Foster Student Community and log in. The Penn Foster Job Board is only available to Student Community members, so if you are a current student and don’t have a Community account, sign up today!
  2. Once logged in, hover over the “Jobs” tab and select “Job Listings” as pictured below. penn foster job board
  3. You have now accessed the Penn Foster Job Board! By default, the most recent job postings will appear at the top of the list. To filter by industry, simply click on the categories you are interested in viewing on the left-hand side of the screen.

The Penn Foster Job Board is updated on a regular basis, so if you don’t see any recent listings in your industry or location, keep checking! The Penn Foster Job Board is also a valuable tool that can be used to see where certain jobs are in high-demand and what is expected of job candidates in that field, so click around to get a better feel for what kinds of jobs are out there. And if you’re not yet ready to start looking for jobs, don’t worry - Penn Foster’s Career Services can help you build your resume, develop a career portfolio, learn more about your industry, and much more.

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