The Penn Foster Vet Tech Experience

At Penn Foster College, we are incredibly proud of the hard work that goes into our Veterinary Technology Bachelor of Applied Science Degree program. With interactive, mobile-friendly courses, progress-tracking and goal-setting tools, and personal coaches to help you succeed, the Penn Foster Experience (PFx) is an online learning experience like no other!

See how Penn Foster’s Veterinary Technician class can help you move forward with your academic and career goals.
Penn Foster Career Services

Penn Foster Career Services

We've partnered with the career development expert, Career Cruising, to help Veterinary Technology students like you do more with the skills that you have. You'll get more than just job listings and resume tips. As soon as you enroll, you can take quizzes to help you make career choices, create a customized profile online to capture your progress, and you’ll have access to advice from real career experts. We know that you want more than just a degree. Start using our career resources as soon as you enroll, and take the next step on your path toward a job as a Veterinary Technician.
Student Community

Student Community

Enjoy 24/7 access to Penn Foster’s online Student Community!
  • Connect with Student Ambassadors, Faculty members, and thousands of students in our Veterinary Technology degree program in the Veterinary Technician space in the Community
  • Share your animal interests and experiences with each other in this Space
  • Learn from each other through posts, regional study groups, and student blogs
  • Discover self-help learning resources for career guidance, job postings, and more
Live Webinars


Throughout the Penn Foster Veterinary Technology program, you will have the opportunity to attend many webinars in all of your veterinary technician courses. These live webinars will allow you to ask questions in real time.
  • Attend on demand webinars given by a member of the Faculty Team for nearly all veterinary technician courses
  • Occurring both day and night, depending on the course
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