Program Goals and Outcomes

Graphic Design Certificate Program Goals and Outcomes

The Graphic Design Undergraduate Certificate Program helps you prepare for an entry-level career as a graphic designer. 

Graphic Design

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Program Goal

The Graphic Design undergraduate certificate program prepares students to use Adobe® software for graphic design and production in a current career or to continue their graphic design education.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to...

  • Identify different career options available to digital artists
  • Understand the correct use of color and its effectiveness in creating designs
  • Describe the formal elements of design, including line, shape, form, direction, texture, value, color, and composition.
  • Use Adobe Illustrator® to create graphics illustrations for print, multimedia, and the web
  • Use Adobe Photoshop® to create high-quality photos, graphics for product illustrations, logos, animations, and websites
  • Use Adobe Illustrator® or Adobe Photoshop® to enhance words, phrases or quotations, to communicate effectively with your audience, and use both traditional and contemporary typographic skill
  • Use Adobe InDesign® to design an image, brochure, magazine or web page to reach target audiences with printed publications that can be repurposed into interactive digital documents for delivery on the web and on mobile and tablet devices
  • Use brand information to design a package that's appropriate for the target audiences
  • Discuss general manufacturing and printing processes related to packaging design
  • Create an effective, interactive web-based portfolio to use during a job search

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