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Sterile Processing Technician Training

If you're detail-oriented and interested in playing a vital role in healthcare, our online Sterile Processing Technician Career Diploma Program can help you prepare to take the first steps toward the job you want. Through flexible, self-paced courses, you'll learn the fundamental skills and knowledge to become a sterile processing technician on your schedule, from home.

  • Can prepare students for an entry-level career as a sterile processing technician. 
  • Online sterile processing technician training courses cover topics such as the duties and requirements of sterile processing technicians, fundamental practices and procedures for aseptic technique, HIPAA privacy regulations, and more. 
  • Graduates are eligible to sit for the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) Certification exam offered by the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA), the cost of which is covered in the program tuition.
  • Our online programs are flexible enough for you to finish them at a pace that works for you, based on how much time you can dedicate to your coursework each week.
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What You Will Learn

  1. How to recognize and apply the fundamental practices and procedures of aseptic technique.
  2. How to identify common pathogens found in the medical setting and the precautionary measures healthcare workers take to minimize the risk of contracting diseases.
  3. How to identify common and complex surgical instruments, industry-approved practices for decontamination and sterilization of medical supplies and equipment, and the proper ways to transport equipment.
  4. How to apply industry regulations and best practice standards common in the sterile processing field, and identify the organizations responsible for setting the regulations and standards.
Full Program Goal & Outcomes

Sterile Processing Career Outcomes

Sterile Processing Technician





Our online Sterile Processing Technician Career Diploma can help students prepare for entry-level jobs as sterile processing technicians. Additionally, graduates have the opportunity to become industry certified by sitting for the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) Certification exam offered by the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA).

State Licensing Requirements

Licensing and/or certification requirements for jobs in certain fields are not the same in every state and may include educational, testing, and/or experiential requirements beyond those offered by your Penn Foster Program. You should contact the state professional licensing board or similar regulatory body in the state(s) where you plan to work to determine their requirements before enrolling in your program. See the State Licensing page for contact information for state licensing/regulatory boards and certain industry licensing information.

Sterile Processing Technician Curriculum

  • 19.9 continuing education units (CEUs)
  • 5 courses
  • 15 exams
  • 1 graded report

Estimated completion time:

  • Fast track = 2 months
  • Average time = 4 months

With Penn Foster, you can learn at whatever pace works best for you. Some learners will be more comfortable moving faster, and dedicating more time, and the fast track estimate will apply to them. The average track will apply to most learners who can dedicate a few hours per week to completing their coursework. The estimated completion times are based on completion times for learners enrolled in this program from May 2021 - April 2022, excluding withdrawals.

In our Online Sterile Processing Technician Training, you'll cover the fundamental knowledge and skills to become a sterile processing technician while preparing for industry certification. Your classes include:

  • Allied Health Careers
  • Building Blocks of Sterile Processing
  • Sterile Processing Technology, Part 1
  • Sterile Processing Technology, Part 2


Non-US residents: This is a United States-based institution with course materials that are geared toward US job and labor standards. Learners from outside of the US may find that some information and materials will differ from the current standards of their country. Please note, the materials for this program are in English and use the Imperial unit of measurement, not the metric system.

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Sterile Processing Success Stories

Penn Foster’s Sterile Processing Technician Career Diploma can help prepare you for the first step in your healthcare career. This program has helped recent graduates find new jobs while learning at their own pace. Learn more about Penn Foster graduates' experiences and how Penn Foster worked for them. 
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Sterile Processing Technician Tuition

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Our Proven Sterile Processing Learning Model

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Sterile Processing Technician Program FAQs

Where can I work as a sterile processing technician?

Sterile processing technicians are essential to the maintenance, storage, distribution, and sterilization of medical instruments. Many sterile processing technicians work alongside physicians and surgeons, registered nurses, and other healthcare workers at hospitals, outpatient care centers, physicians’ offices, and other medical facilities.

How do I become certified as a sterile processing technician?

Penn Foster’s program is completely self-paced, so you can finish your studies around the schedule and timeline that works best for you. From there, you’ll register and sit for your certification exam.

How long does it take to become a sterile processing technician?

Depending on your schedule and pace, you can complete our online sterile processing program in as little as a few months. From there, you’ll register and sit for your certification exam. 

What is a sterile processing technician?

Sterile processing technicians are a vital part of any medical team, ensuring that instruments, exam rooms, operating rooms and more are clean, sterile environments in order to prevent contamination and infection.