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Graduation FAQ

Here is your guide to find answers for the most frequently asked questions about the 2020 Penn Foster Commencement Ceremony. Review the following guidelines to make sure all of your bases are covered while planning to join graduation.

As the diagnoses of coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to rise across the country, we remain focused on supporting your learning as well as the communities in which we live and work.

At this point, we are still intending to hold graduation on June 6, 2020. We are monitoring developments and local requirements regarding large gatherings very closely and if we determine that the 2020 ceremony has to be postponed or cancelled, we will make an announcement as soon as the decision is made. We know what an important milestone the graduation ceremony is, however, the health and safety of our learners, your families, and our employees is our number one priority.

In the event that we have to cancel or postpone the ceremony, any registration fees paid or guest tickets purchased would be applicable for an event at a future date. If, and when we announce a future date and you and your family are unable to attend, refunds will also be made available for guest tickets and registration fees related to the cost of the event. Cap and gown costs are non-refundable.
Q: How can I register for the 2020 ceremony?
A: Graduates should call Graduation Services at 1.800.232.1243 to confirm their graduate status, complete the Graduate Registration Form, and pay the Graduate Registration Fee.
Q: How much is the Graduate Registration Fee?
A: Your fee will depend on the regalia package and accessories you select. The standard regalia package is $65.00 + shipping.
Q: What does the cost of my registration fee cover?
A: Your Graduate Registration Fee covers administration fees, the cost of the event, as well as your cap, gown, and tassel.
Q: When will I receive my regalia package?
A: You can expect to receive your regalia package within 4 weeks of payment.
Q: What are the requirements to participate in the graduation?
  1. All academic requirements must be successfully completed and an overall passing grade average achieved before registration closes on May 1, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. EDT.
  2. Students must contact Graduation Services at 1.800.232.1243 to confirm your graduate status prior to registering, purchasing guest tickets, or making travel arrangements.
  3. Graduate registration must be completed
  4. Your regalia and registration fees must be paid by 6:00 p.m. May 1, 2020.**
  5. Graduates must travel to the ceremony in Wilkes Barre, PA. Travel expenses are not covered by Penn Foster.
  • Please note: tuition is not required to be paid in full to participate in the ceremony.
  • Professional attire is recommended.
**All graduates who register are subject to review for verification of graduation status.
Q: When is a student considered academically complete?
A: All academic requirements must be successfully completed and an overall passing grade average achieved before ticket sales close on May 1, 2020.
Q: How do I know if I am 100% academically complete?
A: Contact Graduation Services at 1.800.232.1243 or email them via your Student Portal to confirm your graduate status.
Q: Do I have to pay my tuition in full to attend?
A: Because the Graduation is purely ceremonial and you won’t receive a diploma, certificate, or degree at the event, your tuition does not need to be paid in full. When your tuition is paid in full, you’ll formally receive your official documents by mail.
Q: How much are guest tickets?
A: $20.00.
Q: Will guest tickets be sold on-site the day of the event?
A: We cannot guarantee that tickets will be available the day of the event. We strongly recommend purchasing tickets in advance of the event to ensure entrance to the graduation ceremony.
Q: Where can I purchase guest tickets?
A: Guest tickets are available for purchase via ticketmaster: Guest Tickets.
Q: How many guest tickets can I purchase?
A: There is no guest ticket limit.
Q: Do children require a ticket?
A: All guests over the age of 2 years require a ticket to be allowed entry into the venue.
Q: What is the refund policy?
A: Both the Graduate Registration Fee and guest tickets for this event are non-refundable.
Q: Is seating reserved?
A: The only reserved seating is for graduates, faculty, and staff. All other seating is general admission.
Q: Do I need to purchase my own cap & gown?
A: The cost of your cap, gown, and tassel are included in your Graduate Registration Fee. To ensure timely delivery, registration must be completed and paid no later than May 1, 2020.
Q: I already have a cap & gown. Do I have to pay for a new one?
A: If you have purchased a cap & gown previously you do not need to purchase another. When completing your registration choose the "Registration fee only" product instead of a regalia package.
Q: Will I receive my official diploma, certificate, or degree on the day of the event?
A: No. Official documents are mailed to your address of record. The ceremony being symbolic, is meant to celebrate the successes of our students; however you will receive a diploma holder during the ceremony to commemorate your special day.
Q: Should I bring my diploma to the ceremony?
A: We don’t recommend bringing anything you can’t carry on your person at all times. There are no lockers or spaces to store personal items in the arena. If you would like to bring your diploma, degree, or certificate, please be sure you have a friend or family member in attendance hold on to it for safe keeping.
Q: Will professional photography be available?
A: Yes, photography will be provided by Earl & Sedor Photographic. Each student will be photographed as they receive their diploma.
Q: Where can we find our graduate photographs?
A: Graduates and their families can visit for information about purchasing photographs. Photographs will be available online a few days after the ceremony.
Q: How much do photos cost?
A: Earl & Sedor offer ten different photo packages starting at $29.95 for four 5x7's.
Q: Can I purchase a class ring? If so, where?
A: Penn Foster doesn’t have class rings available for purchase in the Penn Foster Bookstore. However, students and graduates who want to purchase a class ring can do so at Jostens.
Q: Will special assistance be provided to graduates with disabilities?
A: Yes. Graduates with disabilities who require special assistance to participate in the ceremony should contact [email protected] to make arrangements. A sign language interpreter will be on stage to accommodate those with hearing disabilities.
Q: Is Seating and parking available for guests with disabilities?
A: Accessible parking and seating is available for guests with disabilities. Arena security can assist with any special needs.
Q. Is parking free?
A: Yes.
Q: Is seating and parking available for guests with disabilities?
A: Accessible parking and seating is available for guests with disabilities. Arena security can assist with any special needs.
Q: When is graduation?
A: Graduation will be held Saturday, June 6, 2020. Doors open at 10:00 a.m.
Q: Where is the ceremony held?
A: The Mohegan Sun Arena, located at 255 Highland Park Blvd., Wilkes-Barre Township, PA 18702.
Q: What should I bring to the Commencement Ceremony?
A: Your pressed cap, gown, and tassel: we also recommend wearing comfortable shoes. The arena’s floors are concrete and you can expect to be standing for a few hours prior to the main event.
Q: Is there a place to store my personal belongings at the Commencement ceremony?
A: No, there is no secure place to store personal belongings (e.g. purses, coats, cellphones, etc.) during the ceremony; therefore please do not bring personal belongings to the event. Mohegan Sun Arena has a strict bag policy. Please review closely to see what you can and cannot bring into the venue.
Q: Will food and beverages be provided at the event?
A: Yes. Food and beverages will be sold at the arena concession stands. No outside food or beverages are allowed in the Arena. Water will be provided for graduates.
Q: Will photos be available?
A: Yes. Professional photos will be taken at the event as each graduate walks and receives their diploma, degree, or certificate. These will be available at an additional cost by the photographer after the event.
Q: Why will the Penn Foster Graduation be held as a combined event with Ashworth College and James Madison High School?
A: In early 2019, Penn Foster acquired Ashworth College. This year (2020), there will be an amazing 65,000 learners eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies across these schools. In order to accommodate the large demand and maintain the spirit of celebration for this special milestone for our learners, families and friends, the two institutions will hold a combined graduation ceremony event.
Q: Will the event be broadcast live?
A: Yes! Our event will be broadcast live on our Facebook page for anyone who cannot attend the event in person to watch.
Q: I can’t make it to the event will you call my name?
A: Unfortunately, with tens of thousands of graduates each year, it would not be possible for us to recognize each individual graduate at the event for those not in direct attendance.

Important Information: To attend the 2020 ceremony all graduates must be 100% academically complete and registered by 6:00 p.m. EST May 1st, 2020. Please contact Graduation Services at 1.800.232.1243 to confirm your graduate status prior to registering, purchasing guest tickets, or making travel arrangements.

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