Penn Foster Student Community

As an online learning platform, we want to offer our students the opportunity to connect with their classmates. That’s why we formed the Penn Foster Student Community.

Make lasting connections with our dynamic Community

Start connecting with classmates and join conversations in real-time on the Student Community.

Online learning doesn’t mean you’re alone. Shared online learning adds a new dimension to your educational experience. Our Community brings together students, alumni, parents, and members of the military. The Penn Foster Community is the go-to space for online student communication.

Connecting made easy

Penn Foster’s online Community will be here for you 24/7. You’ll join a connected group of people, who, just like you, are working toward a better future. The Community is your virtual hangout. Say “hi” to classmates and instructors, share what you did over the weekend, talk about your hobbies, and join clubs that align with your interests!

Join a discussion group with people who share your interests

Start a discussion about your favorite hobby, share why you’re #PFproud, give a shoutout, or find a student club. It’s all here under the Get Involved tab on the Community.

Connect with classmates

The Community makes connecting with classmates easier than ever. Introduce yourself, find study buddies, share your success stories, and motivate each other. Find your program, share study tips, and grow your social network.

Penn Foster blogs

Need a short break from your studies? Visit Read a Blog to read what your instructors have to say and view Ambassadors’ stories. Feeling inspired? You can write a blog post of your own!

Stay in touch after graduation through our Alumni Community

It’s no secret we enjoy keeping in touch with former Penn Foster students. That’s why we set up a Community space just for our alumni. Network, share your experiences, and stay connected.

Join our Community

The Penn Foster Student Community is a social network of virtual hangouts for students and alumni to connect with one another, find peer support, and make lasting connections. Find study buddies while working towards your goals and get the encouragement and motivation you need to be successful as an online student and in your career!

Submit your success story

Check out what other students are saying, or tell your story to the Penn Foster community when you visit Share Your Experience. If you’re an alumnus tell us what you’ve been up to since graduating and you may be featured on our Alumni Spotlight Podcast.