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Credit Transfer Policy

You have worked hard and we know it. In most cases, we are able to give you financial and academic credit for high school transfer credits you’ve already completed - because you’ve earned it. We’ll also look at credits you’ve earned from accredited colleges to see if they qualify for transfer credits into our College program.

If you have specific questions regarding credit transfer, please call our counselors at 1-800-275-4410.

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High school transfer credits

High School Transfer Credit Process. Call us today for a transcript review at no charge and you could save an average of $250 for prior credit you have earned!* To receive high school transfer credits, an official transcript from an accredited institution recognized by Penn Foster must be submitted for evaluation. Transfer credits will be evaluated for comparable high school subjects where a full credit has been earned. Since high school programs vary, only an evaluation by Penn Foster will determine the actual number of transfer credits to be awarded. The maximum number of transfer credits allowed is 16.

Continuing your education beyond high school

Once you graduate from Penn Foster High School, you’ve earned a nationally and regionally accredited high school diploma that can help you create a better future for yourself, whether it’s a new career, an opportunity at your current job, or even an advanced degree. See which nationally and/or regionally accredited institutions have accepted Penn Foster High School diplomas.

College transfer credits

You may receive credit for previous college coursework if the school you attended meets Penn Foster’s standards, the course work is eligible for transfer, and you received a minimum grade of “C.” Up to 75% of required credits may be transferred.

All approved transfer credits will be deducted from your tuition.

If you wish to receive credit, contact the college you attended and ask them to either submit an official electronic transcript or mail a copy of your official transcript(s) to be sent to Penn Foster College for evaluation.

Mail official transcripts to: Student Service Center, 925 Oak Street, Scranton, PA 18515 (under contract with Penn Foster College, AZ).

Penn Foster accepts electronic transcripts from credential services such as Parchment© and Scrip-Safe©.  Please check with your prior school for their electronic transcript process, or access one of these websites to see if they are a participant.

It is important to note that an official transcript is mailed directly from your previous school to Penn Foster or sent electronically via an authorized credential service listed above.

Has your college closed or have you completed one or more programs at Penn Foster College and are considering transferring to another school? You can get academic and financial credit for some of the coursework you have already taken! Click here for more info.

Transferring Penn Foster College credits to other schools

The decision to accept credits is up to the individual school. Many of Penn Foster’s courses have been recommended for college and university credit by the ACE/College Credit Recommendation Service. (ACE CREDIT®) which is the major coordinating body for all the nation’s higher education institutions. There are over 2,000 higher education institutions that consider ACE credit recommendations for transfer to degree programs. However, no form of accreditation guarantees that any learning institution will accept credits from any other school as transfer credits and you should check with the institutions in which you are interested to see if they will accept Penn Foster College credits. We’re happy to provide your Penn Foster academic records in order to assist you with the credit transfer process.


Disclaimer: No form of accreditation guarantees that any learning institution will accept credits from any school as transfer credits.

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