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Transferring Credits

About Transferring Credits

Penn Foster College will look at credits you’ve earned from accredited colleges to see if they qualify for transfer credits into our college program. What’s more, Penn Foster College credits are accepted for transfer into many colleges across the country.¹ Penn Foster College is licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education.

If you have specific questions regarding credit transfer, please call our counselors at 1-800-275-4410.

Attention displaced students — has your college recently closed?

Now accepting College credits for academic and financial credit!
With the recent closing of your school, we want you to know that we are here to help. With our easy enrollment process, low cost tuition, a variety of nationally accredited degree programs to choose from, you can get started quickly and not miss out on any study time, Below you can find our transfer credit policy and process, but we now have enrollment counselors standing by to work with displaced students. Call 1-800-816-3592 to talk to someone today!

College transfer credits

You may receive credit for previous college coursework if the school you attended meets Penn Foster's standards, the course work is eligible for transfer, and you received a minimum grade of "C." We will also consider massive open online courses (MOOCs) for equivalent semester credit if they are endorsed by the The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®).

If you wish to receive credit, contact the college you attended and request for your official transcript(s) to be sent to Penn Foster College for evaluation. Up to 75% of required credits may be transferred. All approved transfer credits will be deducted from your tuition.

Mail official transcripts to: Student Service Center, 925 Oak Street, Scranton, PA 18515 (under contract with Penn Foster College, AZ)

Transferring Penn Foster College credits to other schools

The decision to accept credits is up to the individual school. Many of Penn Foster’s courses have been recommended for college and university credit by the ACE/College Credit Recommendation Service. (ACE CREDIT®) which is the major coordinating body for all the nation’s higher education institutions. There are over 2,000 higher education institutions that consider ACE credit recommendations for transfer to degree programs. However, no form of accreditation guarantees that any learning institution will accept credits from any other school as transfer credits and you should check with the institutions in which you are interested to see if they will accept Penn Foster College credits. We’re happy to provide your Penn Foster academic records in order to assist you with the credit transfer process.

Education Partnerships

Penn Foster has articulation agreements with the following academic institutions that allow our students and graduates to transfer their applicable Penn Foster credits to these schools and earn a higher degree.

If your school is interested in forming an articulation agreement with Penn Foster, please contact Stephanie Schroeder at [email protected]

¹ Credits earned in Penn Foster programs may transfer to some, but not all, learning institutions. If you are planning to continue your education with another school after you earn your degree from Penn Foster, you should check with that school regarding credit transfer policies.

Disclaimer: No form of accreditation guarantees that any learning institution will accept credits from any school as transfer credits.

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