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How to Connect to Employers Through Penn Foster

You know your biggest goal is to find a rewarding career that not only pays the bills, but makes you genuinely happy to go to work each day. That’s the dream! Your education should help you accomplish a necessary step to make that dream a reality. Here’s how Penn Foster can help you start on your path toward landing the job you’re looking for!

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Education can help you make your dream a reality.

You know that your biggest goal is to find a rewarding career that not only pays the bills, but makes you genuinely happy to go to work each day. That’s the dream! Your education should help you accomplish a necessary step to make that dream a reality.

Besides making sure you get the knowledge that’s required to work in the field you’re interested in, Penn Foster is dedicated to giving you the tools you need to prepare for a career after school. That means giving you resources to write the best resume you can, interview tips to stand out from the crowd, and updated information on jobs and employers.

Here’s how we connect talented, ambitious students like you to employers and hiring managers from across the country.

Career Coaches prepare you to put your best foot forward.

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You have great grades, you’re passionate about the field you’re hoping to enter, but you haven’t gotten any responses to the resumes you’ve submitted. You check your email every five minutes, hoping for one message back that isn’t the standard automatic response:

Thank you for your interest in so-and-so company. A hiring manager will review your application and contact you if your skills match what we’re looking for!

It’s tough not to get discouraged when you can’t seem to get your foot in the door to start the career you want. You wonder what you’re doing wrong, if should you just give up and keep working at the job you have, just to pay the bills.

Before you let your dreams go, there might be an easily fixable reason why you aren’t hearing back from jobs you’re qualified for The Career Services Team is here to help you figure that out. From reviewing your resume and helping you customize it to each job you apply for to helping you create the perfect cover letter, the Career Coaches know the ins and outs of making sure you shine bright on paper and in person.

Maybe you’re using an outdated resume template when you’re submitting your application, or your education and qualifications are getting lost in the mix of a three page resume. Whatever the case, our coaches will help you write a rocking resume and put your best foot forward.

If you want to get a head start on crafting the perfect resume before your appointment with a Career Coach, try some of these tips they’ve shared with us:

  • When you list your jobs or education on your resume, you don’t need to list the full dates; the month and year you started or finished are what count. It doesn’t matter if that was September 22nd or September 23rd.
  • Tweak your resume for the job you’re applying for. Use keywords from the job post in your resume where they fit to ensure what you’re saying is relevant to the job.

When you finally get that call to come in for an interview, they can even help you practice for this important event so you’re confidence shines through! Whether that’s helping you prep confident answers to questions like “What’s your greatest weakness,” or advising you on what to wear, they’re here for advice.

Not sure where to start, what you need help with, or worried that the career path your on isn’t the one for you? Talk to a Career Coach today to get tips, tricks, and tried-and-true advice on choosing the job for you. Make an appointment today!

Connect to employers looking for Penn Foster students!

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You’re resume has been polished brighter than a diamond, your interview skills are on point, and you are ready to take on the world and get that job! The problem? You’re not sure where to start searching for open positions in the field you’re studying to enter.

There’s always a quick Google search, or different sites that can help you find jobs near you, but you’re looking for something specific and seem to be coming up empty. No worries; we’ve got you.

Employers from across the country, from the healthcare industry to skilled trades, post open positions on our Job Board in the Student Community. Updated daily, you can search positions that you’re interested in, where hiring managers are looking to specifically hire Penn Foster students and grads.

Employers know you’re ambitious and hardworking. After all, you’re independently working on a self-paced, online program while juggling all of your other responsibilities. You know how to stay motivated, keep moving forward, and multitask like a pro!

After you’ve tightened up your resume and written a fierce cover letter, take a look through the jobs listed here and start applying for the positions that you’re interested in!

*Make sure you have an account on the Student Community! While some spaces are open to guests, things like the Job Board are available only to students and graduates with a registered account. If you don’t have one, sign up today!

Career Ready with Penn Foster.

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With programs geared toward helping you learn the most up to date industry standards in your field of interest, Penn Foster is dedicated to helping you get career ready. Prepare to find and tackle your future career with confidence. And, if you need to brush up on some soft skills or leadership skills, check out the Career Readiness Bootcamp to give your resume a boost!

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