High School Testimonials

Penn Foster High School has helped graduates reach their goals, whether that's attending college, qualifying for a job or a promotion, or enlisting in the military. Learn what our students and graduates have to say about how the high school program has helped them.

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Aaron B.

Penn Foster High School Graduate, 2023

“Earning my diploma from Penn Foster meant that I could finally take ownership of my life and start my career with the confidence that I needed. The day I completed the program was one of the best days of my life and I will always remember the elation I felt in knowing that I had the mental fortitude to persevere and achieve something of significance.”

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Jessica W.

Penn Foster High School Graduate, 2023

“It’s given me a sense of hope for a better life. I was able to be an active mom and be able to graduate from the comfort of my home and never miss any time with my kids. Thank you so much Penn Foster!”

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Samantha W.

Penn Foster High School Graduate, 2023

“Earning my diploma at Penn Foster made me feel incredibly proud of myself. With a self-paced program, I could work whenever I wanted to, and as soon as I finished all my classes and ordered my diploma ,I knew I was capable of academic success. I applied for college instantly, and here I am at 17, moved out, graduated, and working hard every day for my degree. Penn Foster was definitely the first step to getting here.”

Dylan Benavidez.

Set Your Own Plan for Success Like Dylan Benavidez

Dylan had a plan to fast-track his future, so he enrolled in Penn Foster where he says he was able to earn his high school diploma at his own pace without compromising on quality. Graduating early gave him a head start on his future, and at 17 he was able to enter the workforce full-time, where he was soon promoted. Now, he wants to support his community by running for public office.
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