responsibilities of guest service agents

Guest service agents, concierges, and others in the fast-paced hospitality industry are constantly on the move, working to meet the needs of customers and guarantee that their stay is both memorable and seamless. But what is it that guest service agents actually do? Take a look at some of the common responsibilities of guest service agents, and learn more about concierge work and front desk training, below.

What do guest service agents do?
Guest service agents are the point of reference for guests who need assistance or information. For guest service agents and concierges, understanding the needs of customers and being able to offer personalized solutions is crucial. Some of the common day-to-day responsibilities of guest service agents include:

  • Welcoming customers upon entrance and confirming reservations
  • Acting as the point of reference for guests who need assistance or information and attending to their requirements
  • Understanding customer’s needs and providing them with personalized solutions by suggesting activities and facilities provided by the hotel
  • Acquiring extensive knowledge of the premises and the nearby venues and businesses to make the most suitable recommendations
  • Arranging events, excursions, transportation etc. upon request from hotel residents
  • Answering the phone and make reservations, taking and distributing messages or mail and redirecting calls
  • Responding to complaints and finding the appropriate solution

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