Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about tuition, accreditation, or enrollment? Browse the list of commonly asked questions below. You’ll find answers to your questions about the Penn Foster High School program.

Q. Is Penn Foster High School accredited?
A. Yes, Penn Foster’s online High School is nationally accredited through the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), Cognia, and regionally accredited through the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (CSS-MSA). For additional licensing and affiliation information, refer to the Penn Foster Accreditation Details page.
Q. What is the difference between regional and national accreditation?
A. The most significant difference between regional and national accrediting agencies lies in the type of institutions they evaluate and accredit. Regional agencies are responsible for accrediting public colleges and universities and major private, nonprofit institutions. National agencies accredit private, proprietary schools and specialty institutions such as online or correspondence schools. Learn more about Penn Foster High School’s accreditation.
Q. Which colleges will accept an online high school diploma from Penn Foster?
A. Acceptance of a high school diploma can vary based on the college or university. No form of accreditation can guarantee that any learning institution or employer will accept the high school diploma. We recommend checking with colleges and universities you are interested in attending to verify they accept the Penn Foster High School diploma before enrolling in the program. or more information, check out our list of institutions to which our alumni have gone to after Penn Foster.
Q. How long has Penn Foster been in business?
A. Penn Foster was established in 1890, so we have a long history of helping distance learners obtain their diploma from home.
Q. What is the admissions process for the online high school diploma program offered through Penn Foster?
A. Enrolling in our online high school does not require an application process. New students can enroll independently through the website or by calling to speak with an Admissions Specialist at 1-800-214-6230. Once a payment toward tuition has been made, the student can begin their studies right away.
Q. Does Penn Foster online High School accept transfer credits from other schools?
A. Penn Foster does accept credits from previous high schools, whether the student is a traditional or an adult learner. To transfer credits, an official, sealed transcript must be sent from the student's previous school for evaluation. Credits from classes that are equivalent to the Penn Foster curriculum and that come from regionally accredited high schools will be considered for transfer. You can learn more about transferring credits by referring to our Transfer Credit Policy.
Q. Will you accept high school transcripts from other countries?
A. Yes. However, if the transcript is in a language other than English, we will need an official English translation of the transcript in order to evaluate it.
Q. How long does it take to complete a high school class online?
A. Completion time depends on a few factors. The benefit of taking classes with Penn Foster is that you can study at any time so you can work through the program at a faster pace than a traditional high school. If you have already completed some high school and will be transferring in credits, that can also speed up your completion time.
Q. My High School recently closed, can I enroll at Penn Foster High School and graduate?
A. Penn Foster High School accepts credits from regionally accredited schools. If your school has recently closed or plans to close without your being able to complete your diploma, Penn Foster may be the right fit for you. Depending on several different factors in the transcript evaluation process, you may have the chance to continue where you left off with your studies. If you do not have transcripts, you can complete the full program and graduate.
Q. What's the age requirement to be an online high school student with Penn Foster?
A. There's no age limit; adults and non-traditional students are welcome to enroll in Penn Foster's online classes. However, traditional students enrolled into the online high school diploma to complete classes must be at least 13 years of age and have fully completed the 8th grade. You can read more on our prerequisites page
Q. Can adults enroll in online high school with Penn Foster?
A. Yes! Penn Foster's online diploma program is open to adults or any student 13 years or older who has completed the 8th grade. As an adult learner, you can finish the credits you need or even complete the entire high school program from home around your work schedule and without worrying about being in classroom with students significantly younger than you.
Q. Can I use Penn Foster High School to homeschool my child?
A. Penn Foster's High School curriculum is up-to-date with the classes taught in most traditional high schools across the country. Among other benefits of homeschooling your child, Penn Foster is self-paced, so your student can move through coursework at a speed that is right for them. This is particularly convenient for young athletes or performers, who may be travelling or training in their particular sport and unable to attend a traditional Monday-Friday school. Read more about how homeschool works at Penn Foster.
Q. How do I get started?
A. Enrolling at Penn Foster is easy. You can enroll over the phone, online or through the mail. Click ENROLL NOW button on any page to start the enrollment process, or call the phone number at the top of the screen.
Q. What is the deadline to enroll in online high school classes?
A. Penn Foster offers rolling admissions. Students can enroll at any point during the year into the program of their choice.
Q. When do my classes start?
A. Penn Foster has open enrollment, which means classes start as soon as you enroll.
Q. If I start taking classes at Penn Foster High School and I don’t feel like it’s for me, can I switch to something different?
A. Yes. This would need to be done through the Student Services department. You can call Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, Eastern Time. Learn more about how to contact Student Services.
Q. Is online high school right for me?
A. Penn Foster's online high school diploma program is geared toward independent learners, whether they're the traditional-aged student or an adult student returning to the classroom. If you're looking for a self-paced, self-directed program that can be completed around your schedule, then online high school may be the right program for you!
Q. Do I need a computer for my program?
A. Penn Foster requires access to a computer, tablet, or mobile device that can connect to the internet.
Q. Does Penn Foster provide laptops?
A. Computers are not provided. This is one of the ways Penn Foster is able to keep the tuition lower for our students. However, Penn Foster students are eligible for a discount through Apple and Dell. Visit our student discounts page for more information.
Q. What type of computer or software do I need for the program?
A. There are only a few technology requirements to take classes at Penn Foster High School. Students will need access to a Microsoft® Windows® based computer running Windows 10® or later or an Apple® Mac® computer running macOS® or later, access to a word processing program to complete written assignments, and an email account to complete this program with Penn Foster.
Q. Can I do everything for my program online?
A. The amount of work that can be completed online varies by program. Some high school programs can be completed entirely online, while others may require physical textbooks. However, all of your classes will have an option for E-books.
Q. Do I need to purchase textbooks for the online classes?
A. No! Most of the coursework is easily accessible to the student through their student portal. The majority of study guides and materials are provided online for a mobile learning experience.
Q. Are there live-streamed classes?
A. Videos are included in some classes, but not all. There are also instructional videos with students, instructors and staff on the Community.
Q. When can I call Student Services?
A. Student Services is available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm, Eastern time. Learn more about how to contact Student Services.
Q. Will I be able to get help from teachers or tutors if I get stuck on a course or assignment?
A. Instructors are available through phone, email, and chat! If you're struggling with a class or assignment, Penn Foster's experienced and certified instructors are here to help you.
Q. What type of military benefits do you accept?
A. Many Penn Foster programs are approved for veteran’s education benefits. Reservists may also qualify for veteran’s education benefits. If you think you may be eligible, or would like more information, you can check with your local or regional VA office, or call Penn Foster at 888-427-2900 to speak with a VA support specialist.
Penn Foster also accepts MyCAA benefits that are available to military spouses. Call 800-238-9554 for more information or to enroll using MyCAA benefits. Visit our military benefits page for additional information.
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