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Penn Foster FAQs

Your Guide to Transfer Credits at Penn Foster

Want to transfer credits to or from Penn Foster? Here’s what you need to know. Learn about credit eligibility, how the process works, and if your credits are transferable to other schools in this blog!

Lauren Ambrosio

Lauren Ambrosio

When you transfer from one school and enroll in another, it’s important to ensure that your credits follow you. You worked hard and probably spent money on those courses, so don’t let all that go to waste. Most of the time, your credits directly correspond with a class at your new school, making it a 1:1 transfer. Other times, there isn’t a comparable course, so your credits wouldn’t transfer. Or a class is similar enough that some of your credits transfer, but not all. So, how do you know if your previous academic achievements will follow you when you transfer? How do you transfer credits to and from Penn Foster?

How to transfer credits to Penn Foster High School

Transferring high school credits you've already earned to Penn Foster High School involves figuring out how well your previous coursework aligns with Penn Foster's curriculum. Below is a step-by-step guide, including what Penn Foster's transcript evaluators will be looking for.


Steps to transfer credits to Penn Foster High School

Contact an Admissions Specialist by calling 1.888.427.6500. Note: This contact number is for U.S. residents. They can guide you on sending your unofficial transcripts for a pre-evaluation.


If you want to know in advance how many of your courses will be transferrable, you can go for a pre-enrollment evaluation. The pre-evaluation of your transcripts for credit transfer to Penn Foster High School is offered at no cost. This means you can find out which courses will likely transfer before you make any tuition payments. The pre-evaluation is based on your unofficial transcripts and is a good estimate to help you decide whether or not Penn Foster's program aligns with your educational needs and goals. The timeframe for pre-evaluation is typically very short to ensure you can make an informed decision quickly.


Once you've undergone the no-cost pre-evaluation and decided to enroll, you will then need to send in your official transcripts for a final evaluation. The official evaluation may also have its own timeframe that you should consider. The process is designed to be as transparent and helpful as possible, enabling you to make informed decisions about your education.


Have your previous school send your official transcripts in a sealed envelope to Penn Foster at:


Penn Foster
925 Oak St.
Scranton, PA 18515


While waiting for the evaluation, you can start your first three classes at Penn Foster, so you're not losing time. To check the status of your transcript evaluation, log into your student portal, where updates will be posted.


Criteria Penn Foster High School looks for

  • Your full name and the school's name should be clearly mentioned on the transcript. All information is kept confidential to protect your privacy.
  • The school you attended should be accredited when you took the courses.
  • Only grades of D or above are considered for credit transfer.
  • Your course should closely match a course offered at Penn Foster High School.


For example, if you took Algebra I in your previous high school and earned a D or higher, it could transfer since Algebra I is a core class offered at Penn Foster, and a grade of D is passing. Therefore, the credits would probably transfer.


On the other hand, let’s say you took an elective course like "History of Comic Books" that doesn't have an equivalent at Penn Foster. Even if you aced the course, it's unlikely to transfer because it isn't comparable to any classes in the Penn Foster High School curriculum.


The evaluation process will give you a clearer picture of which of your credits will transfer, allowing you to pick up where you left off. If, for some reason, some of your credits don't transfer, you may have options like challenging the evaluation or taking an equivalency test.


Once your transcripts have been evaluated, you'll be notified via email, phone, or updates on your student portal.


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How to transfer credits to Penn Foster College

Transferring college credits you've already earned to Penn Foster College involves assessing how well your previous coursework aligns with the College's curriculum. Here is what you need to do to see if your college credits will transfer to Penn Foster.

Steps to transfer credits to Penn Foster College

  1. For a pre-evaluation, you can call the registrar's office at 1-800-471-3232. They can guide you on the best way to send your unofficial transcripts.
  2. Like the high school program, Penn Foster College offers a no-cost pre-evaluation based on your unofficial transcripts. This helps you estimate how many of your previous courses are likely to transfer so you can make an informed decision before enrolling and paying tuition.
  3. Once you decide to enroll, your previous institution must send your official transcripts in a sealed envelope to:

    Penn Foster College
    14300 N Northsight Blvd., Suite 125
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260 USA

    Transcripts can also be sent through an accredited digital service like Parchment.
  4. As your transcripts are being evaluated, you can begin your first semester at Penn Foster College to keep the momentum going!

Criteria Penn Foster College looks for on your transcripts

  • Your full name and the name of your previous institution should be clearly mentioned on the transcript.
  • The college you attended must have been accredited when you took your courses.
  • The minimum passing grade for college courses is a C or a numerical grade of 70.
  • The course you took should align with what is offered in the Penn Foster College degree program you are entering.


For instance, if you took "Introduction to Psychology" at your previous college and earned a C or higher, it would likely transfer as it is a common general education requirement. However, a specialized course like "Advanced Wine Tasting Techniques" might not transfer if Penn Foster College doesn't offer a similar course within its programs.


The evaluation process aims to be transparent and helpful, allowing you to transition smoothly into your chosen degree program at Penn Foster College.


How to transfer your Penn Foster credits to another school

Unofficial transcripts

Whether you attended Penn Foster High School or Penn Foster College, the steps to getting an unofficial transcript are the same:

  • Student Portal: Log in to your Student Portal, where you can usually download a copy of your unofficial transcripts. This is a quick and easy way to view your academic record.
  • Contact student services or the registrar: You can also reach out to student services or the registrar to ask about obtaining an unofficial transcript if the portal isn’t working for you.

Official transcripts

For both high school and college students at Penn Foster, you can request an official transcript online or by calling 1.888.427.1000. A fee may be associated with obtaining your official transcripts, so be sure to ask about this when you request. Provide the institution’s address where you’d like the official transcripts sent, and the registrar will ensure your transcript arrives.


Remember that both unofficial and official transcripts will typically show all courses you've completed, grades, and any degrees or certificates earned. Always double-check the information for accuracy before sending it to another institution.


Why you should transfer your credits when you change schools

Transferring credits when you switch schools saves you time and money. By carrying over completed courses, you avoid repeating work you’ve already done, speed up your path to graduation, and reduce overall tuition costs, including expenses for books and materials.

Penn Foster Transfer Credit FAQs

Are Penn Foster college credits transferable?

Penn Foster College has national accreditation, and many of its courses have ACE Credit Recommendations. However, it's essential to note that the receiving institution has the final say on whether they will accept Penn Foster's credits. Always check with the institution you're transferring to for confirmation.


How many credits do you get from Penn Foster?

The number of credits you earn at Penn Foster College depends on the program you're enrolled in. Programs like associate and bachelor’s degrees have different credit requirements. Always refer to your specific program details for accurate information.


Do colleges recognize Penn Foster?

Penn Foster College has national accreditation through the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). While generally recognized, it's crucial to understand that each educational institution has policies for accepting credits from other schools. Always confirm with the institution you're interested in attending.

How long does it take to transfer transcripts over to Penn Foster?

The time it takes to transfer transcripts to Penn Foster can vary. Still, it takes 1-2 weeks to evaluate official transcripts once received. During this period, Penn Foster allows you to start your first few courses, so you're not losing time while waiting for the evaluation to complete.


Take the next steps to transfer to Penn Foster when you’re ready 

At Penn Foster, there are no set start dates. That means you can enroll in a high school program or a college degree when you’re ready. To learn more about transferring credits, getting your transcripts from a previous school, or getting started, reach out to our Admissions team at 1.888.427.6500.


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