Build or Refine Your Gunsmithing Skills​

Whether you are looking to start on your path to becoming a gunsmith, or just want to refine your skills for your hobby, you can get your Gunsmith career diploma in as little as three months with Penn Foster College. Our affordable, online training lets you study when and where you want, at your own pace.​

Why Gunsmithing with Penn Foster?

Penn Foster College has offered gunsmith training for over 30 years. With our affordable Gunsmith training program, you can gain gunsmithing knowledge and skills online, studying at a pace that's right for you.​ Throughout your training, you’ll have access to our dedicated faculty to receive expert instruction. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to complete a comprehensive Brownell’s practical exercise on the way to your Gunsmithing career diploma.
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Why Choose Penn Foster College?
Start and Study When You Want
Learn at home or on the go through our custom-designed, mobile-friendly student portal, available 24/7.
Dedicated Success Coaches
A Committed Support System
While you can study at home, you're not alone! Our dedicated Student Services Department, Student Community, and instructors are just a call or email away.
Video Resources
Personal Defense Network Videos
Students enrolled in the Gunsmith Career Diploma Program are eligible for discounted rates on how-to videos from the Personal Defense Network
Set your goals
Set Your Goals and Pace​
Customize your study schedule with progress-tracking and goal-setting tools that keep you moving forward.​
Proven Reputation
With 58,000 + graduates in 2019 from our accredited high school, career school, and college, you're in good hands!
Connect with Other Students
Connect in real-time with other Gunsmithing students in the Penn Foster Community.
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Learn Gunsmithing From Experts

In addition to learning from our experienced faculty members, you’ll receive a reference library that includes industry-standard resources for gunsmiths. You’ll learn how to apply for your federal firearms license, so you can be confident moving forward with your gunsmithing skills.

Gunsmith Course Details

In the Penn Foster College Gunsmith Program, you'll cover topics such as gun safety and firearm assembly/disassembly, antique firearm restoration, customizing gun stocks, mounting telescopic sights, custom-loading ammunition, basic metalwork, metal finishing, and machine tool operation, as well as the history of rifles and handguns.
Penn Foster Curriculum

Important State Requirements: Be sure to check here for the requirements in your state.

Gunsmith Course Tuition

With our flexible, affordable payment options, you can get started on your online Gunsmithing training today.
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What Can You Do with a Gunsmith Diploma?
Earning your online career diploma in Gunsmithing can help you take the first step toward a job you love! Skilled in various metalworking techniques and design, as well as repair, skilled and trained gunsmiths can find jobs in a variety of businesses. Whether working in a retail sporting and hunting shop or starting your own business, gunsmiths can earn a median salary of $39,653 per year, while some earn as much as $66,000!¹ With Penn Foster College’s online Gunsmith program, you can acquire the fundamental skills and foundational knowledge to turn a hobby into an exciting career path designing, repairing, and building firearms!


Q. What is the salary of a Gunsmith?

A. The average annual salary for a skilled gunsmith can vary based on experience, location and more. Payscale reports the average hourly pay of a gunsmith to be $16.66 per hour, with a yearly salary of around $39,653.²

Q. How long do you have to go to school to be a Gunsmith?

A. Training to become a Gunsmith with Penn Foster can take as little as 3 months, though formal education isn’t necessary to secure a job in the field. However, documented and verified training can help you stand out among other applicants when applying for open opportunities as a Gunsmith.

Q. Why is learning Gunsmithing important?

A. With an estimated 393 million legally-owned firearms in the United States, skilled Gunsmiths are needed to repair, maintain and update parts for safety. With firearms, regular upkeep is necessary and Gunsmiths are vital to keeping owners and others safe by using their knowledge to ensure all parts are in working order, without risk of faulty mechanics.

Q. Do I need an FFA to become a Gunsmith?

A. An FFA is also known as an FFL, which stands for Federal Firearms License. A Gunsmith is required to have an FFL if they plan to profit or make a living buying, selling and repairing firearms. The fee for obtaining an FFL is $200 and is good for 3 years.

Q. What skills do you need to be a Gunsmith?

A. Gunsmiths work with small parts on a regular basis and must follow federal laws regarding firearms, meaning attention to detail is a must. An effective Gunsmith is also one who is able to perform detailed metalwork, has a familiarity with various tools used in the field, and is interested in how firearms work from the inside out.

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