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Construction trades worker.
If you’re interested in enrolling in a Skilled Trades training program, learn more about the changes Penn Foster has been making to our online plumber and construction training programs. From interactive elements to new course content, we’re always working to ensure our programs stay on the forefront of the latest industry requirements. Here’s how Penn Foster is helping students prepare for a future skilled trades career.
Wooden gavel.
If you’re looking for a rewarding career in public service, criminal justice might be the right field for you. Jobs are found at every level, from local to state to federal, and even in the private sector, with a constant need for qualified individuals to fill roles. Because of the varying levels at which you can work, those with a background in criminal justice also have more than one career field from which to choose, offering something to fulfill a variety of interests. However, it’s important that you have the right credentials in place if you want to start a criminal justice career, and Penn Foster can help you get on the right track.
Bookkeeping graduate Ronelle Duncan.
Ronelle Duncan wanted to grow at her workplace. Looking to gain the skills she needed to advance in her career, she enrolled in Penn Foster. Since graduating, Ronelle has received a promotion and raise. Read how a career diploma helped her launch her career.
vet tech with dog.
If you’re someone who wants a job that allows you to help animals and make a difference, working in the veterinary medical field could be the perfect fit for you. As the number of pet owners continues to grow – 73% of millennials currently have a pet - veterinary clinics and hospitals will need more help than ever before. With that in mind, there’s a lot of opportunity for starting a new career, but where do you begin? Here’s what education can do for your future veterinary career.
Employee Robin Hadley.
At Penn Foster, our mission is to enhance the lives of our students. But that often goes both ways! Our students motivate and inspire us and make our jobs feel worthwhile. Ensuring our students succeed is at the core of what we do, and it’s a job worth doing. Here’s why Robin enjoys her work.

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