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Employers often need more information than what’s on your resume to determine if you’ll be a good fit for the company. Even in an interview, it can be tough to figure out what type of person they’re looking for, outside of any education or work experience requirements being fulfilled. With that in mind, how can you prepare to make the best first impression and show them that you’re the one and only for the role?
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Currently, medical assisting is one of the few medical careers that doesn’t require certification or licensing in most states. But even though certification isn’t required, it can be beneficial to your career goals and help you prepare to be a competitive candidate when applying to jobs. Here’s what to know about certification for medical assistants.
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Preparing to make a career move doesn’t have to take years. Depending on what you’re interested in, it’s possible to take the next steps toward a job you enjoy in six months or less. Here are some careers to consider training for in 2020.
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You want to make the most of the new year and start a brand new decade off on the right foot. However, you know from experience the motivation that had you making new and ambitious resolutions can fade so what’s the point? Before deciding it’s a waste of time to make new goals and resolutions, check out these practical tips to keep moving forward.
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What are you hoping to accomplish in 2020? Building on the motivation and success from the previous year can help you tackle the new year with enthusiasm. But where to start? Here’s what you should know.

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