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Once you graduate, the main goal is to secure that dream job you’ve been working toward. We sat down with an expert to find out what employers are looking for in candidates so you can crush your next interview.

woman's closet

Whether you’re interviewing at a conservative, Fortune 500 company or a cool, innovative start up, you should make sure you look and feel confident. You should also make sure what you wear shows the interviewer that you respect them, their time, and yourself. To make the best impression possible, here’s a list of things to avoid wearing to your interview.

Penn Foster graduation banner

One amazing person is honored as our Graduate of the Year at each ceremony held in Pennsylvania each year. Every story we receive for this honor is special and we’re #PFProud of the work you do. Our five finalists for Penn Foster graduation 2019 really stood out. Check out their stories and get inspired to reach your goals, too!

Woman holding her paycheck

Saving money, budgeting, and making investments in your future can seem pretty stressful. They all require a big money commitment, right? Not necessarily. There are easy ways you can save money while also investing in a future you want, on any budget. Here’s how you can make it happen this year.

rocks balancing

Balance in the workplace is more than just making sure you have the right work/life split. It also means pushing toward an equal and fair workplace in terms of things like gender and diversity, a goal we can all contribute to. Here’s why it matters, how you can make changes to encourage balance for better in your job, and how everyone can play a part.

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