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More students are choosing homeschool because it’s flexible, customizable, and helps them realize their dreams. Is it time for you to join them?

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Finding a career that uses all of your skills and interests can be frustrating. If you’ve got a curious mind, an independent personality, and an interest in the inner workings of complex systems, studying to become a locksmith and home security technician may be the key to finding a rewarding future! Here’s how Penn Foster can help.

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You’ve been working in manufacturing or the production industry for a while and you love your job. You want to take the next step in your career, but it seems like your opportunities for promotion keep passing you by. You’ve got the experience, now you just need the leadership skills. An associate’s degree in industrial supervision may be just the thing to help you move up the ladder in your industry. Here’s how.

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Whether your back to school journey began in the fall or you took advantage of our flexible admissions and enrolled when it felt right for you, you’re on your way to become a back to school hero! You’re determined to work toward a job you love and nothing will stand in your way. That’s the Penn Foster spirit and there are other students making it happen just like you! If you want to know how awesome your fellow students are, look no further! Find the motivation you need in these student stories.

Christina Elvidge, Penn Foster Instructor

When you struggle with writing assignments, talking to your English instructor can be a bit intimidating. After all, they’ve studied the subject for years and are experts in writing the perfect paper. But they’ve battled writer’s block, poor grammar, and frustrating revisions, too. It might seem scary but who better to help you improve your work than an amazing writer and instructor like Christina Elvidge? Learn more about Christina and her advice for students who aren’t sure they’ll make it through their writing assignments.

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