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woman on mountain with dog

2019 is your year. You’re finally going to follow your dream and get the career you’ve always wanted. Penn Foster is here to help with 9 programs that you can start and finish in 2019.

road leading to mountains in the desert

There’s no better time to start on a new road and begin the journey toward your best self than the beginning of a new year. Resolutions get tough to keep when you’re back on the grind of everyday life. Before you let the opportunity to start down a new road pass you by, here are a few practical ways you can greet the new year head on.

girl boss

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, it can sometimes be challenging to be taken seriously and awarded opportunities to move up at work. But, just like your male coworkers, it is possible to grow your career and work your way up. Here’s how you can rise up as a leader in traditionally male industries.

Zodiac globe

Here’s a bit of fun for the New Year! Our aspiring psychic, Lauren, has some predictions for your 2019. Find out how she sees your year unfolding.

graduates at commencement ceremony

Through 2018, you’ve worked hard on your studies and accomplished so much. We’ve gotten a lot done this year together, so as you start thinking about your 2019 goals, check out these 18 highlights from this amazing year.

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