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Earning a pharmacy technician certification online is a significant accomplishment for someone pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician, but it is just one of many. Check out these steps to identify potential milestones a pharmacy technician might accomplish while working in the profession.

learn new work skills

Interested in soft skills training? Read a first-hand account of a graduate's experience with our new Career Readiness Bootcamp experience, and learn how professionals at all levels might be able to benefit from improving their workplace skills!

ace-reviewed courses

At Penn Foster College, we offer over 80 individual college courses that have been evaluated and recommended for college credit by by the American Council on Education (ACE). However, if you aren’t familiar with the process of transferring credits, you might not see exactly why this is so important. Learn more about ACE-reviewed credits here!

learn new work skills

Pursuing more education and training will look good on your resume, but that’s not the only thing employers look for during the hiring process. Learn about the "soft skils" employers desire and how our new Career Readiness Bootcamp can help you learn those skills!

qualities of security guards

If you’re looking for an exciting career that allows you to work in a variety of different industries, look no further than the security guard field - and while the training requirements vary, there are a few ways to go about becoming a security guard. Let’s take a look at exactly how you can prepare to work in the safety services field.

early childhood education careers

Penn Foster College offers monthly, free Early Childhood Education webinars for our students and non-students alike. See our list of ECE webinars for April 2017 - including our full schedule of General Education Student Success and Career Fair events - and register today!

responsibilities of guest service agents

Guest service agents, concierges, and others in the fast-paced hospitality industry are constantly on the move, working to meet the needs of customers and guarantee that their stay is both memorable and seamless. But what is it that guest service agents actually do? Find out in this Student Life Blog post!

qualities of security guards

Are you considering a career in safety services? Take a look at these qualities found in successful security guards and other safety professionals to see if you have what it takes to join this exciting field.

learn new work skills

In many job descriptions, you’ll find employers state that “being a team player is a must” to be considered for the position. Learn exactly how you can become a better team player - and how to take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with others - in this article!

home health aide certification

There are different paths you can take to become a home health aide, but one of the major areas of confusion when it comes to joining the home healthcare industry is the role of certification. Learn more about home health aide certification, state requirements, licenses, and more for home health aides here!


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