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importance of graduation

On Saturday, July 15, 2017, the United Nations observes World Youth Skills Day. The day is meant to shed light on the high unemployment rate of young people across the globe and encourage discussion and recognition of the importance of vocational and technical training. Learn what organizations are doing to raise awareness in this blog post.

medical coding certification

To keep accurate patient records, medical coders rely on the World Health Organization’s International Classification for Diseases (ICD), a system that classifies and codes all diagnoses, symptoms and procedures. Learn exactly what the ICD-10 is and the top facts you need to know about it!

careers that stay in style

Some careers never go out of style. In the first part of this new blog series, we take a look at the appliance repair industry. Learn more about this field - including why this career certainly has longevity - in this Student Life Blog post!

learn new work skills

Soft skills are timeless interpersonal and organizational skills that are highly valued by managers. While not all careers require soft skills, many rely on employees to be personable, confident, and able to communicate effectively. Check out this list of careers that value and require highly developed soft skills in their employees!

medical coding certification

Studying medical billing and coding is a great way to break into the healthcare industry - but what if you want to do more? Check out these potential career paths for those who have already completed their medical billing and coding training.


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