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Kassondra Brown is making her mark as a must watch high school basketball player. Already having been invited to many All Star games, including the Under Armour All America game, Brown is a star on the court, but needed to make adjustments to her education so she was set up for success off the court as well. That’s where Penn Foster came in.

Hands on experience is certainly important, but you need a breadth of theoretical knowledge before you actually get your hands greasy. Online study is a convenient way to get that knowledge.

If you’ve been considering a career as an Auto Repair Technician, there are online courses that can help you get started on the path toward your dream job. But how can you learn a hands-on trade online? Knowing how to make the most of your program and take advantage of detailed manuals and instructor assistance can help you learn the essential skills to begin the career path you’re passionate about.

Being confident that you’re receiving the best education possible is important! One way to ensure that you’re learning the fundamentals you need to learn is to make sure your school is accredited. But what is accreditation and why does it matter? Learn more about Penn Foster’s accreditation and how that impacts your education.

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Making sure your child is educated and prepared to face the world is a major part of your job as a parent. You want to see your child learn and succeed in the best way possible for them. Online homeschool might be a good fit based on their unique, individual needs.


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