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Des Sinkevich

Blog author Des Sinkevich Title: Social Media and Content Coordinator
Location: Penn Foster

Des Sinkevich began working at Penn Foster in the Admissions Department in 2014. With a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh, she has been able to couple her knowledge of Penn Foster programs with her love of writing as a Social Media and Content Coordinator for our in-house Marketing Department. Des enjoys reading a lot, telling people about the books she has read, and The Office.

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person using a laptop on desk.
If you’ve considered going back to school, you may have looked into taking classes online but aren’t sure what the benefits of online courses are over traditional school. While there are many pros to doing a program through an online school like Penn Foster, here are the top five to pay attention to.
person balancing stones.
Working full time and taking online classes can feel like you’re living two lives without enough time to get everything done. Add a family to the mix, and your schedule is jam-packed with seemingly no free time. But when you’re working on finishing or furthering your education with flexible, self-paced courses, it’s possible to make your schedule work for you. Here’s where to start.
US Military recruit sitting on stoop.
In order to join the United States Armed Forces, recruits need to meet basic standards for education, age, fitness, and more. While eligibility requirements can vary slightly based on the branch of the military you’re interested in joining, one thing that is similar across most areas is the need for a legitimate high school diploma. That includes online high school programs too. Here’s what you need to know.
keyboard, notepad, and glasses on white desk.
If you’ve got a busy life and don’t think you can add classroom time to your list of daily responsibilities, taking online classes could be the perfect option for you. But is enrolling in an online school going to help you succeed? Here’s how to figure out if you should take the next step and enroll in an online program.
dentist and assistant examining patient.
If you’re looking for a rewarding career, becoming a Dental Assistant could be the right job for you. Dental assistants are important members of the team in a thriving dentist’s office. They provide support for dentists, hygienists, and work closely with patients. But, besides knowing dental assistants support dentists, what, exactly, do they do?

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