Nancy Moretti

Nancy Moretti faculty Title: Department Chair, Early Childhood and General Education
Location: Penn Foster

Nancy Moretti began working in the field of early care and education in 1988 and has worked as a teacher assistant, lead teacher, head teacher, director, and executive director in the child care industry. Furthermore, she served as the owner of Just For Kids Early Childhood Learning Center in Smithfield, Rhode Island from September of 2002 through May of 2016. Emerging from her passion of working with her staff, Nancy began teaching in higher education in April of 2006. Over the years, Nancy has served as an adjunct as well as a full time professor and is currently the department chair of early childhood and general education here at Penn Foster.

In 1988, Nancy received a diploma in child day care management from the former International Correspondence School (now known as Penn Foster). She received first undergraduate degree, in early childhood education and special education, from the Community College of Rhode Island, a bachelors degree in child development from Concordia University, and a masters degree in early childhood education administration from Nova Southeastern University and holds the status of Ed.D. (ABD) in early childhood education from Northcentral University. Furthermore, Nancy is currently seeking a second masters degree in higher education administration and leadership at Kaplan University and hopes to graduate in January of 2017.

Nancy is a RI certified early childhood educator, a PA Keys certified higher education instructor, and a Professional Development Specialist for the Council for Professional Recognition. In addition, Nancy serves in several leadership roles for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC); she is one of the Student Interest Forum Facilitators, severs as a NCATE - NAEYC Peer Reviewer as well as an Annual Conference Reviewer for them. I present locally as well as nationally and have presented at KDP, NAEYC, and ACEI.

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