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Russell Day

Russell Day faculty Title: Instructor, Business Management
Location: Penn Foster

Russell Day has been an instructor with Penn Foster for 21 years. He worked in retail management for over 10 years before his work as an educator. Mr. Day’s retail experiences have provided him with vast amounts of knowledge in the business industry, which he shares with students in a variety of Penn Foster’s business programs.

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Due to the toxic and volatile nature of the materials and systems that HVAC technicians work with, there are some certifications beyond basic HVAC training that are either required or strongly encouraged for professionals to enter the field. Learn about the different types of HVAC certifications in this Student Life Blog post!
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Are you afraid your career options as a security guard are limited? Fear not! Security guards have a wide variety of possible career options that extend far beyond what you might typically think work in the safety services field entails. Check out some of your options in this blog post.
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Have you ever had a tough day at work and thought, “I wish I could be my own boss?” Recent technologies have made opening your own business less of a risk - particularly online businesses. If you’ve been considering starting an online business of your own, check out a few of these different types of businesses you can open!
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Because we rely on being warm when it’s cold, and comfortable when it’s hot, HVACR Technician is a career that isn’t going to go out of style any time soon! If you’ve considered working in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration field, check out this information on what you should expect working as an HVAC technician.
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If you’ve wanted to take on more responsibility, lead an efficient team, and work closely with coworkers and customers, a career as a Retail Supervisor may be a step in the right direction for you! Not sure what you need to do to become one? Check out these steps and get started on your future.

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