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importance of graduation

Graduation ceremonies aren't just for graduates of traditional schools. For online learners, being able to attend a graduation ceremony in person can go a long way in shaping their academic experience. If you're an online student (or graduate), here's why you should make the effort to attend your school's graduation ceremony!

teacher appreciation week 2017

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week - a time to honor those teachers that change the lives of millions of students every day! Learn how you can show your appreciation for an exceptional Penn Foster instructor in this Student Life Blog post.

tax return delays

Many of us eagerly await our tax returns each February, but this year, the IRS has advised taxpayers not to expect their returns as early as usual. If you're one of the taxpayers that haven't yet received your refund - or received it later than expected - check out this post to learn what we're doing to help.

helpful tips for new students

Are you new to online learning? Not to worry - our Success Coaches have you covered! Here are a few tips for new Penn Foster students who might be trying online learning for the first time.

jevs human services

Last fall, Penn Foster High School had the privilege of travelling to Philadelphia for the graduation of five high school students. Check out the footage here and learn what this graduation meant for those involved.

using netflix in your homeschool curriculum

One of the key benefits of homeschooling is the freedom to explore different methods of teaching and learning. Here are a few ways you can incorporate Netflix into your homeschool curriculum to further engage students and keep their interest in learning materials.

new years resolutions

Looking to make a change in the new year? Making lifestyle changes can have a major impact on your academic performance. Here are a few positive, healthy lifestyle changes that can help you become an ever better student in the new year!

traditional vs year round homeschooling

While many people choose to homeschool because of the flexibility it offers, they also have to make tough decisions regarding scheduling. Today, we'll break down one of the more common dilemmas faced in homeschooling: the choice between a traditional schedule vs. a year-round homeschool schedule.

the gift of education

This holiday season, ask friends and family to help you get one step closer towards accomplishing your goals with Penn Foster's gift payments! Learn how you can point your loved ones in the right direction towards giving you a gift that lasts a lifetime.

what are career pathways
Last month, we suggested enrolling in a career pathway program to help get a head start on your future while you earn your high school diploma - but what exactly are career pathway programs? And how can they help you prepare for college or your career? Find out in this Student Life Blog post!


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