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Kassondra Brown is making her mark as a must watch high school basketball player. Already having been invited to many All Star games, including the Under Armour All America game, Brown is a star on the court, but needed to make adjustments to her education so she was set up for success off the court as well. That’s where Penn Foster came in.

Making sure your child is educated and prepared to face the world is a major part of your job as a parent. You want to see your child learn and succeed in the best way possible for them. Online homeschool might be a good fit based on their unique, individual needs.

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There are an estimated 2.3 million+ home-educated students in the US. If your student is part of that 2.3 million, you may be concerned about helping them succeed and excel in their studies. We reached out to our expert instructors in Penn Foster High School for their tips and tricks on helping your students do their best!

Online homeschool is built on modern technology, flexibility, and a distraction-free approach to learning. The result? An accredited high school diploma earned on your terms.

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The first step in making a decision about a prospective online high school program is evaluating your needs and future goals. Take a look at this list of things to investigate about an online high school before you make a decision regarding which online school is right for you!


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